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Much more useful teach your child the underwear rule (see NSPCC website for details) and make them tell you where they're going and who with EVERY time, even if it's your mum (who would tell you anyway if she's going out with the child).

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Point out adults she can trust Besides Granny and Grandad, give a few examples of adults she can go to for help, such as a teacher or anyone in a police uniform.

Also explain to your child how she can recognise a person who works in a shop, either by their uniform or because they’re behind the till.

To avoid scaring your child, emphasise that just because a person is a stranger, it doesn’t make them a good person or a bad person.

Give your child a card to carry Additionally, you could give her a little card to carry in her pocket or rucksack that has all the relevant contact information mentioned above.Explain to her that a stranger is anybody she doesn't know.You can point out examples on a typical day, for example, a man at the supermarket or a woman in the park.Teach her about body safety Children this age are not too young to learn the names of their genitals and that it's wrong for most people to touch them there.Usually, your child will be ready for this by the age of four.

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