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Soon she was fist fucking my ass while Mistress Janet was fucking my mouth.

Mistress Emily ripped her hand out of me and I felt a sting.

I was swaying, being pushed back and forth by my two Mistresses.

My tiny cock was dripping pre-cum onto my panties and I could feel I was about to cum.

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Mistress Emily could feel me twitching and with her dick still inside me asked me what had happened.

Then we will find out what to do with you." Mistress Janet told me.

As she said that I could feel Mistress Emily pull her cock out of me and walk in front of me. Then, just as quick as before, I felt Mistress Janet plunge her giant dick into me and started fucking me harder and faster than Mistress Emily had, something I didn't think was possible.

There was a wet spot already forming on the front of my panties and, even though I was nervous at the sight of the massive cocks, I was really excited.

"Oh my," She exclaimed, "Your clitty is so wet, but don't let that pussy cum yet Slave. Get over here and greet me on your knees like you are supposed to, Bitch." "Yes Mistress, I am sorry." I hurried to her and dropped to my knees in front of her and her rubber dick. While you are down there, why don't you suck me off like a good whore." I did as she said, but was wondering how I would get the whole thing in my mouth.

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