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I'm sure we'll all hold out hope for a miracle, but past history shows us that the miracle rarely comes. EJ&E, a Class II railroad, operates over 198 main line miles of track encircling the City of Chicago from Waukegan, Ill., on the north, to Joliet, Ill., on the west, to Gary, Ind., on the southeast, and then to South Chicago. Hunter Harrison said: "This acquisition is good news for railroading in Chicago.

The EJ&E's flag is now at half mast and most likely due to be lowered. ---------------------------- - CN Press Release - CN to Acquire Key Operations of Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway for 0 Million MONTREAL, QUEBEC and PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA--(Marketwire - Sept. Transtar's remaining operations will become the Gary Railway. Chicago is essential to CN's rail operations, yet it presents us with major operational challenges. Surma said: "This transaction is positive for all involved.

There's also a list of Chicagoland railroad radio streams.

The railroad is unable to search for past employee records.

A Draft Environment Impact Statement (DEIS) was issued and widely circulated in that region, and the Board received more than 9,500 public comments in response to the DEIS.

We will apply our proven business model in implementing this acquisition using the measured, step-by-step approach we have employed in our previous transactions to flawlessly integrate these operations." - 9/25/2007 - New EJ&E Book Available - A new book has been released by Arcadia Publishing on July 9th that's titled: "Images of Rail - Elgin, Joliet & Eastern". The assumption was that the unit would receive the usual EJ&E green switcher scheme... USS apparently wants to have all switchers painted in this scheme from now on.

- 5/12/2007 - New Track for Shearson Line - It was discovered that the Shearson Line will apparently be receiving a fairly major upgrade soon... Speculation is that the BP oil refinery on the line will be eventually be producing more traffic, due to a switch to canadian crude oil.

You may be able to find some help at the US Railroad Retirement Board site at: the Will County Historical Society also has some original EJ&E employee records dating back to the 1880's.

Their site is at: And lastly, there is the: Will County Genealogical Site at: The "EJ&E Archive" site is in no way directly affiliated with the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Co., Transtar Inc., US Steel Corp., or the Canadian National Railway Company.

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