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The base for this scenario was the community map "Operation Rolling Barrage", which itself was based upon the Battlefield Vietnam map "Fall of Lang Vei".

The second new map, 4407-battle_of_ihantala, is about the Soviet summer offensive in Karelia in July of 1944.

This is also the place to ask any further questions you may have about the mod. The Japanese were aiming to disrupt the Chinese supply line along the Vietnam route, something the Chinese had to prevent at all costs.

They gathered the majority of their tank units and were able to inflict a devastating defeat upon the Japanese.

But these were bought with a relatively weak defensive armament, resulting in drastic losses especially when operating on low altitude operations without fighter escorts.

Nevertheless they successfully fulfilled their duties and were an important part in the Soviet air war strategy.

Their main targets were trains, army columns and ships, but also train stations, bridges and other infrastructure buildings.

The result is a mod with approximately 150 tanks, trucks and cars; more than 80 aircraft, over 80 small-arms and over 190 unique maps.Our last presentation for today comes from our naval expert Cabrio - the Ehrenfels!It's a big German cargo ship that was commissioned in 1936.It's the FAI-M, which had been in production since 1935 and was armed with a single 7,62mm machine gun in a traversable turret.The armored car was used on fronts in Europe and the Far East until 1942, some of them even during the Soviet advance in Manchuria in 1945.

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