Matli mohapeloa dating site dating someone with 4 kids

Khanya took to Snapchat in June to tell her fans that they had split up.

“People keep asking me about it and it’s just so annoying…

The pair posted cute pictures on social media, of them working out together and cuddling up a storm. Sbahle then shared a picture – which she later deleted – of the couple in happier times with a sad caption: “Not everything works out the way you wish for it to do…

Kind of like Thomas Gumede and Matli Mohapeloa's characters in a new film, which aims to hit cinemas in the next few years.

We’ve seen broken engagements, broken vows, and the splits of both long-term and newer relationships — and while we haven’t quite reached 2015 breakup levels yet, we’re still charting the separations of famous couples so far this year.

Keep reading to see them all now, then look back at all the breakups that have shocked us the most this year.

A hilarious trailer for the film was released on social media this week to excitement from fans.

In the trailer, Thomas and Matli are seen driving a Ferrari after stealing a fortune but are suddenly chased by police.

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