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Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee, following May 23 news that his archdiocese paid 0,000 to a man claiming Weakland attempted to sexually assault him.

Weakland admitted an "inappropriate relationship" but denied abuse.

In city after city, as officials reviewed personnel files and rewrote policies regarding sexual abuse by clergy, more priests stood accused and more damning documents were uncovered. ''For the first time, people saw the damn documents right in their face,'' said Doyle.

''That started a process that I thought I would never live to see, which was the rather quick awakening of the laity and the rapid shattering of the wall of denial that had existed in the church.

Bevilacqua apologized and established a commission on clergy sexual abuse. Donald Rooney was called by his superiors at the Archdiocese of Cleveland to discuss allegations that he had sexually abused a young girl in 1980, he never showed up for the meeting.

Instead, authorities said the 48-year-old priest drove to a drugstore parking lot and shot himself in the head.

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And now it has claimed the archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Bernard F.Law will not be the last one to go because there has to be a whole new way of doing business.'' In February, when the Archdiocese of Philadelphia - the seventh largest in the nation with 1.4 million Catholics - found credible evidence that 35 priests sexually abused about 50 children, several still in their church jobs were dismissed.Church leaders scoured personnel records dating to 1950, and Philadelphia Cardinal Anthony J.Rooney left behind a one-sentence note, instructing those who found his body about how to locate his sister.In August, two Connecticut pastors in the Bridgeport diocese were ordered by Bishop William E.

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