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At that time, we really do too observant of conventional standards., she will not let me go one step beyond the prescribed limit, is the most. Although I told her some dissatisfaction, but also for finding such a rigorous and traditional woman “. Every time after kissing she pretends to easily run to the bathroom to Su mouth, I’m inconsolable. She shook her head, said: ” I’m sorry, I’m just not used.

After graduation from the University, I urge to get married, and both parents also support us as soon as possible to determine the relationship between, so we quickly handled marriage registration formalities, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, held a wedding. Also, each time after the sex life, she was like I put her dirty like, unable to hold oneself back to shower, and will change the sheets, really be pestered beyond endurance! ” I am not satisfied with her answer, but only hides dissatisfaction in the heart, after all, is the couple joy in their marriage., may have an adaptation period?

I had seen a piece, the women ‘s hot let me blush, heart falter. Perhaps it seems, wife is impeccable, we were happy, even in the heart of our loving wife, is harmonious.

However, the shape of my heart how are lingering, and gradually diffuse, make me gloomy and depressed.

For example, the first half of this year, the south suburb of a living by collecting garbage for lonely woman by the netizen exposure, trabecular know this day he gave her the rice to send oil sent clothes send money, come back also organized the sisters together for the woman to donate, but she’s every week to look past time woman.

But, anyway, all of this is normal, at least in our hearts it is normal.

But last night, don’t remember that at that time what joke, said in excitement when the husband is laughing to trabecular strict tight field according to the pressure on the sofa, and trabecular meshwork is open your mouth to my husband ‘s mouth to bite, and then sticking out tongue stirred up, after two people like a slingshot like flick.

After marrying in two days, Lee to Yuan Xiaowei there to see his son.

Yuan Xiaowei let him with his own movies, old Libuken to, she must go. Married for seventh days, I and his ex-wife in the cafe inside the opposite. They say a good while, Li said to send her back to Hankou. Lao Li asked me to wait for him, he went back to the. I am a virgin complex girl, conservative, to the strict.

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