Updating a cursor

Once we open a cursor having a FOR UPDATE clause, all the rows returned by the SELECT statement are locked for our changes until a commit or a rollback is placed to release the lock.After a TCL operation is performed, the cursor pointer gets reset and the cursor will be no longer accessible, thus results in an error when fetched further as shown below.Until yesterday I’ve been writing my update statements within the cursor the standard way -- cursor code omitted for brevity -- some complicated update UPDATE Person.Person set First Name = 'some logic goes here' where Person.

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Requirements: If the update-table does not have a Primary Key, the cursor is read-only.

Enabling the cursor also allows you to set the start and end scanlines, the rows where the cursor starts and ends.

The highest scanline is 0 and the lowest scanline is the maximum scanline (usually 15).

Even if you don't set the timeout to 0, you might want to in the future, or someone might change it on their system.

Hi, I have the following code on a Script Calculation View. The purpose is to perform a select in a cursor, cursor update fields and further insert the data into a temporary table. Best regards, PD: Utilization BKPF table is only for example.

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